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When you're main concern is safety, comfort and functionality, you have to consider a Svensson Boat. Svensson Boats are built to last, the hulls are built solid and are the strongest on the market. Col Svensson has been designing and building top quality aluminium boats for over 40 years. His son's Jay and Jaret Svensson, the owners of Svensson Boats are now following in their fathers footsteps. This remarkable range of aluminium boats are designed to suit every adventurer, fisherman and family. 

Svensson boats have been designed after many years of experience and now have been perfected to the ultimate boat. Quality workmanship, comfortability, durability, functionality and reliability are what make a Svensson Boat. They are tested to withstand all Australian conditions and will rise against any other boat.  Svensson Boats are built to AS1799 standards and have a 5 year hull warranty. 

If you've never heard of Svensson Boats then your missing out on the best aluminium boats in Australia.